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Words Matter: Guidelines on Using Inclusive Language in the Workplace (BC)

The use of inclusive language plays an important role in promoting higher employee engagement, superior customer service and increased productivity—all important aspects of a positive work culture.

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Course: Strategic Communications

This e-learning module helps you develop targeted communication plans for your association. Designing a strategic approach to communications will keep your members informed, engaged and help your association achieve its communication goals. Learning outcomes: 1. Understand why strategy matters 2. Implement the POST Approach in your communications planning 3. Identify how social media and other online tools can help your communications approach Access: Registration.

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Cross-Cultural Teamwork

The Cross-Cultural Teamwork series of videos focus on how cultural differences can impact team dynamics in a Canadian workplace. This understanding equips each person with the skills to maximize the contributions of all team members.

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Culture and Workplace Interaction

This e-learning module explores cultural differences in the workplace and suggests strategies for developing good rapport and effective collaboration within a diverse team.

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Comparison of Cultural Differences at Work

The ways in which people approach these tasks at work is influenced by cultural norms. This document provides a comparison of these differences through the lenses of both egalitarian and hierarchical cultures.

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An Introduction to Intercultural Competence in the Workplace

This is a great place to start if you are new to intercultural competence and understanding how culture can impact the workplace. Note: Create a profile at TRIEC Learning for free to enrol in this course.

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Cross-Cultural Communication in the Workplace

This e-learning module explores how cultural differences might be a factor contributing to communication challenges.

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Bridging Cultural Differences in Diverse Teams

TRIEC's training videos chronicle workplace integration from the perspectives of employers, immigrant professionals, and established Canadians. Through their stories, learn how they work out the challenges related to integrating immigrant professionals into the workplace.

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