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Managers’ Guide to Reasonable Accommodation

The managers’ guide to reasonable accommodation is for managers and supervisors of the BC Public Service. The guide is key to: - Being an inclusive employer - Responding effectively to individual accommodation needs - Fulfilling responsibilities - Meeting the Corporate Plan Goals

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Maximizing your Return on Inclusion (Onboarding Refugees Step 4)

TIP SHEET 4: Reasonable Accommodation Religion is a protected ground under BC Human Rights Law, as well as under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Many of the current refugees to Canada are practising Muslims.

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Accommodating Employees in a Time of Crisis COVID-19

Tips for Employers Suddenly Managing Remote Workers Employer Challenge during COVID-19: In this time of lightning-speed change in the ways we work, sudden interruption to our normal routines, and uncertainty combined with the stress of impending risk to our wellbeing and that of our loved ones, most employers find themselves in an unfamiliar position, in terms of how to provide the accommodations necessary to ensure that all of their employees are able to engage and contribute to their organizations to the best of their ability.

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Cultural Accommodation in the Workplace: Tips and Practices

Organizations that accommodate all cultures and faiths in their workplace have realized benefits such as improved productivity and reduced turnover, while enhancing their ability to attract the best talent possible.

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