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110 minPodcasts

Podcast Voices for Change: Chapter One – Microaggressions

Microaggressions are common forms of discrimination felt by newcomers across different age groups, ethnicities, genders – especially biases towards accents. Discussion about the different types of microaggressions, and how they impact organizations and immigrant professionals in the Canadian workplace. Learn how these biases can be tackled, at an organizational and individual level.

Published Date: 24 April 2024StrategyENAccess the Podcast
90 minPodcasts

Voices for Change: Chapter Two – Canadian Experience

This episode is Chapter Two of the Voices for Change project. Through data, stories, a series of podcasts and other activities, Voices for Change will kickstart a conversation about some of the more challenging issues that hinder immigrant professionals from finding skills-commensurate employment, advancing in their careers and having a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Published Date: 24 April 2024BelongingStrategyENAccess the Podcast
45 minGuides

Managers’ Guide to Reasonable Accommodation

The managers’ guide to reasonable accommodation is for managers and supervisors of the BC Public Service. The guide is key to: - Being an inclusive employer - Responding effectively to individual accommodation needs - Fulfilling responsibilities - Meeting the Corporate Plan Goals

Published Date: 24 April 2024AccomodationsRetentionENAccess the Guide
10 minArticle

Building Leadership Skills Through Volunteerism

Published Date: 24 April 2024AttractionENArticle
30 minsGuides

Hosting a Refugee Hiring Event: A Guide to Coordinating a Collaborative Response to an Employment Imperative

This guide provides communities across Canada with a blueprint for hosting similar events to maximize matching refugees with hiring employers.

Published Date: 24 March 2024RecruitmentRefugeesENAccess the Guide
1 hourGuides

Employer’s Guide: Newcomers and Your Workplace

Attraction, hiring and retention strategies are important aspects that employers must embrace to ensure a competitive business environment.

Published Date: 13 March 2024DEI StrategyDiversityHow to find talentHow to hire talentHow to retain talentInclusionInclusivity StrategyOnboardingRecruitmentRetentionENAccess the Guide
25 minReports

Hiring Immigrant Talent: The Path to a Thriving Workforce

We trust you will find in this report valuable Insights, best practices and solutions that will fuel your efforts to attract and retain newcomer employees, in an inclusive and sustainable way.

Published Date: 12 March 2024AttractionDEI StrategyHow to find talentHow to hire talentHow to retain talentMentoringMulticultural IntelligenceOnboardingRecruitmentRefugeesRetentionENAccess the Report
1 hourPrintable Resource

Guelph-Wellington Employers’ Guide to Hiring and Retaining Newcomers and Immigrants

Key principles to attract and retain an immigrant workforce. As Canada’s workforce shrinks and more employers begin to face skills and labour shortages, immigration has been recognized to be a critical source for economic growth and workforce development.

Published Date: 12 March 2024DEI StrategyHow to hire talentHow to retain talentOnboardingRecruitmentRetentionENAccess the Resource
2 hoursGuides

Attracting & Retaining Immigrants – Employer Guide

Putting in place the right conditions and steps to create a welcoming and inclusive workplace for newcomers takes planning, commitment and flexibility.

Published Date: 12 March 2024How to hire talentHow to retain talentRecruitmentRetentionENAccess the Guide
45 minToolkit

Employer Toolkit: Attracting and Integrating Internationally Trained Employees (ITEs) in South Okanagan-Similkameen

Guide to attracting and integrating Internationally Trained Employees (ITEs) in South Okanagan-Similkameen, British Columbia.

Published Date: 12 March 2024DEI StrategyHow to hire talentOnboardingRecruitmentENAccess the Toolkit
1 hourToolkit

Employer’s Tool Kit – Foreign Trained Professionals

Essential guide to employing highly skilled workers in the Greater Quinte Area, Ontario.

Published Date: 12 March 2024How to find talentHow to hire talentInclusionInclusivity StrategyRecruitmentENAccess the Toolkit
4 minsVideos

Immigration Matters for Canadian Companies – Friesens Corporation Testimonial

Immigration Matters For Canadian Companies— Friesens Corporation— Altona, Manitoba

Published Date: 12 March 2024InclusionENAccess the Video