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Orientation, Retention and Promotion A Guide for Building Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces for New Immigrant Workers

Orientation, Retention and Promotion – A Guide for Building Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces for New Immigrant Workers is a part of the Get In The Know initiative. Get In The Know is a one of a kind initiative developed to support employers in the orientation, retention and promotion of new immigrant workers. The initiative includes this guidebook, a robust website, social media and training.

Published Date: 17 August 2023ENAccess the Guide
1 hourWebinar (On-Demand)

Immigrant Employment Programs and Services Overview

This webinar is brought to you by Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) for anyone outside of the traditional employment services sector who is assisting immigrant job seekers. This includes PINs associations, but also refugee sponsors, faith-based groups and other organizations committed to helping immigrants in their job search.

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Inclusive Onboarding for Newcomer Employees: A Resource for Employers

This onboarding resource is meant to assist employers and managers in effectively integrating newcomer employees into their teams. From establishing clear expectations and providing necessary support to fostering a positive work environment that creates a welcoming experience. Empower your newcomer employees to thrive and succeed! Download the guide.

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Valued Workers, Valuable Work: The Current and Future Role of Immigrant Talent

Essential work is critical to Canada’s economy and the provision of basic goods and services. Canada relies on immigrants and temporary residents in many essential sectors and occupations. And the pandemic has put the spotlight once again on their contributions in sectors like healthcare and agriculture.

Published Date: 31 July 2023Business Case for InclusionInclusivity StrategyENAccess the Resource
25 minPodcasts

Podcast – Comprendre les pénuries de main-d’œuvre au Canada

Il y a plus de gens qui travaillent qu’avant la pandémie, mais la demande de main-d’œuvre demeure supérieure à l’offre. Dans cet épisode, nos invités font part de leurs points de vue sur le contexte économique entourant ces pénuries et leurs conséquences pour les entreprises canadiennes. Nous discutons de ce que cela signifie pour les responsables en matière de compétences, les employeurs et les travailleurs. Invités : - Pedro Antunes, économiste en chef, Le Conference Board du Canada - Geneviève Bich, vice-présidente, Ressources humaines, Metro inc.

Published Date: 27 July 2023FRAccess the Podcast
7 minTip Sheet

3 Ways to Promote Organization-wide Ownership of Diversity and Inclusion

Get tips! Many organizations and businesses in Canada have begun to understand the value of a diverse workforce, and are adopting diversity and inclusion policies and initiatives. But implementing new programs and practices can be difficult, particularly as it often involves changing attitudes, behaviour and culture throughout all levels of the organization.

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40 minPlaybook

Employer Playbook: Strategies for Immigrant Inclusion in Canadian Workplaces

This Playbook provides easy-to-implement practical strategies and tips to bolster immigrant inclusion at each stage of the employment cycle: recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and integrating immigrants into the workplace. Download the Playbook.

Published Date: 27 July 2023InclusionENplaybook
57 minWebinar (On-Demand)

Webinar – Maximizing your Return on Inclusion: Onboarding Refugees

On November 16, 2016, IEC-BC hosted “Maximizing your Return on Inclusion: Onboarding Refugees,” featuring speaker Christian Codrington, Forum HCM, and moderated by IEC-BC’s Natalia Angheli-Zaicenco. Before they were refugees, they were teachers, engineers, and nurses. Canada has given them a chance for a new life, and they are eager to give back – their resilience, skills and unique perspectives – and contribute to Canada’s economic prosperity. Join us online for an engaging conversation on how to tap into this talent pool and create a diverse, inclusive, and productive workforce.

Published Date: 27 July 2023OnboardingRefugeesAccess the Webinar
10 minInfographics

Five Success Factors are common among DEI Initiatives that had Significant Impact

While the state of DEI efforts varies by company, industry, and geography, a growing number of management teams have recognized the importance of, and urgency behind, joining the conversation and taking action to make progress on DEI.

Published Date: 25 July 2023DEI StrategyInclusivity StrategyENView the Infographic
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Global Parity Alliance: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lighthouses 2023 (Insight Report)

This report builds on the work of the Global Parity Alliance – a cross-industry group committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) around the world – and the associated DEI Lighthouse Programme launched to identify proven, effective DEI initiatives from companies across industries and geographies, organized by the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the New Economy and Society in collaboration with McKinsey and Company. This report lays out the key success factors that emerged, shows what effective DEI impact can look like through case studies and offers a starting point for applying the success factors to each company’s unique context.

Published Date: 25 July 2023DEI StrategyDiversityInclusionInclusivity StrategyENAccess the Resource

Book: Immigrant perceptions of integration in the Canadian workplace

(2020) This paper explores integration experiences of immigrants in the Canadian workplace from the perspective of immigrants themselves, focusing on cultural capital and cultural judgments as factors influencing workplace entry, advancement and social integration in an increasingly diverse work environment. Note: You have to register to access the material.

Published Date: 05 July 2023DEI StrategyDiversityInclusivity StrategyENAccess the Resource
20 minArticle

Building a Mosaic: The Evolution of Canada’s Approach to Immigrant Integration

Long one of the world’s most welcoming immigrant destinations, Canada is often held up as a model for how to craft sound immigration policy in a multicultural democracy, with more than one of every five Canadian residents foreign born. It is was home to millions of immigrants, among the largest foreign-born populations in the world. Though economic considerations have largely driven Canada’s policy preference for highly skilled immigrant workers, the country has also recently become a leader in refugee resettlement.

Published Date: 05 July 2023DEI StrategyDiversityInclusionInclusivity StrategyENArticle