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Words Matter: Guidelines on Using Inclusive Language in the Workplace (BC)

The use of inclusive language plays an important role in promoting higher employee engagement, superior customer service and increased productivity—all important aspects of a positive work culture.

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Certificate in Inclusive Leadership 2020

The Certificate in Inclusive Leadership will help you to gain a strategic approach, practical tools, and the opportunity to build your skills to advance not only diversity but true inclusion. This program will enable you to grow your inclusive leadership capabilities and lead change within your team, department, or organization. Teacher: Rachel Crowe

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Employer’s Guide to Integrating Immigrants into the Workplace

This document is intended for employers in Ottawa who are interested in hiring and retaining skilled immigrants. The document is a reference guide that provides information about and insight into the most common challenges faced by local employers when recruiting and integrating immigrants into the workplace. The guide offers practical tips and suggestions for employers to address these challenges, highlighting local resources.

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Orientation, Retention and Promotion A Guide for Building Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces for New Immigrant Workers

Orientation, Retention and Promotion – A Guide for Building Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces for New Immigrant Workers is a part of the Get In The Know initiative. Get In The Know is a one of a kind initiative developed to support employers in the orientation, retention and promotion of new immigrant workers. The initiative includes this guidebook, a robust website, social media and training.

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Hiring Assessment Toolkit – Employer Guide for Hiring New Canadians and Immigrants Occupation: Underground Miner

This Employer Guide Toolkit is designed for employers in the Mining and Oil & Gas sectors. The foundation of this resource is the Mining Industry Human Resources Council’s National Occupational Standard for Underground Miner.

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Attracting and Recruiting Newcomers

Finding committed, motivated and qualified individuals, and capitalizing on the economic benefits that diverse populations have to offer. Changing demographics are having an impact on business in Canada as unprecedented numbers of workers retire and fewer enter the labour market. The changes in our demographics mean that immigration is playing an increasingly critical role in alleviating our current and anticipated talent and skills shortage. Manitoba and other provinces compete for skilled international talent and our competitiveness in the world depends, in a large part, on our ability to attract, integrate, and retain international talent.

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The Benefits of International Talent

Talent is a life blood of successful economies, but like other valuable commodities it is a scarce resource. It is not always a simple matter to recruit and retain skilled immigrants as part of our workforce. While there are some challenges for employers, there are many benefits.

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Hire Internationally Trained Workers

Many employers want to hire local workers, but have trouble filling vacancies. If this is your experience, it may be time to broaden your search. Learn more about how to recruit and hire internationally trained workers (ITWs). ITWs include immigrants, refugees, international students, and Canadians who trained or worked outside of the country.

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Cross-Cultural Teamwork

The Cross-Cultural Teamwork series of videos focus on how cultural differences can impact team dynamics in a Canadian workplace. This understanding equips each person with the skills to maximize the contributions of all team members.

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Cultural Perceptions of Change and Leadership

This series of training videos demonstrates the ways culture influences how we see and respond to change, how we interpret leadership styles, and how we collaborate across levels within an organization. Set in a Canadian tech company, the video follows a team adjusting to a major change within their organization as well as dealing with the different cultural dynamics in their team.

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Bridging Cultural Differences in Diverse Teams

TRIEC's training videos chronicle workplace integration from the perspectives of employers, immigrant professionals, and established Canadians. Through their stories, learn how they work out the challenges related to integrating immigrant professionals into the workplace.

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Finding Talent

Start the discussion with this story of a firm under pressure to find the right hire, and a skilled immigrant in need of a position at his level of education and relevant experience.

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