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Bridging Cultural Differences in Diverse Teams

TRIEC's training videos chronicle workplace integration from the perspectives of employers, immigrant professionals, and established Canadians. Through their stories, learn how they work out the challenges related to integrating immigrant professionals into the workplace.

Published Date: 04 January 2017CommunicationENAccess the Guide
30 minVideos and Guides

Finding Talent

Start the discussion with this story of a firm under pressure to find the right hire, and a skilled immigrant in need of a position at his level of education and relevant experience.

Published Date: 04 January 2017RecruitmentENAccess the Guide
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Integrating Talent

Use this video to start the conversation in your workplace about inclusive talent management practices for successfully integrating and developing skilled immigrant employees in the workplace. This video uses a storytelling approach to present the business case for integrating skilled immigrant talent and explores strategies for companies looking to create an inclusive workplace.

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Cross-Cultural Teamwork

The Cross-Cultural Teamwork series of videos focus on how cultural differences can impact team dynamics in a Canadian workplace. This understanding equips each person with the skills to maximize the contributions of all team members.

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30 minVideos and Guides

Cultural Perceptions of Change and Leadership

This series of training videos demonstrates the ways culture influences how we see and respond to change, how we interpret leadership styles, and how we collaborate across levels within an organization. Set in a Canadian tech company, the video follows a team adjusting to a major change within their organization as well as dealing with the different cultural dynamics in their team.

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