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15 minE-Learning

Unconscious Bias in Resume Screening

This e-learning module explores how cultural differences and biases can influence your hiring decisions during resume screening and provides you with strategies to make the process more inclusive.

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Culture and Leadership Effectiveness: the GLOBE Study

Use this article to gain an understanding of how the context of culture effects our understanding and evaluation of leadership effectiveness.

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30 minVideos and Guides

Cross-Cultural Teamwork

The Cross-Cultural Teamwork series of videos focus on how cultural differences can impact team dynamics in a Canadian workplace. This understanding equips each person with the skills to maximize the contributions of all team members.

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Inclusive Employee Onboarding

Learn how to expand your inclusive onboarding practices beyond a traditional employee handbook.

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Orientation Buddy Information Sheet and Checklist

One of the most effective ways of supporting a new hire who is a skilled immigrant is to provide them with an orientation buddy. This document provides orientation buddy volunteers with an overview of the expectations for their role, tips and resources for supporting the people they will be helping, and the benefits of volunteering.

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30 minOn-Demand Webinar

Webinar: Introduction to Personal Branding

Whether seeking a new job or a promotion, the biggest challenge you might face is identifying and effectively promoting your soft skills and strengths. While professional experience and qualifications are important, employers search for applicants who demonstrate the key behavioural traits and core competencies that matter to them.

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Cultural Influences on Leadership

This e-learning module will help you understand how culture shapes different perspectives on leadership styles, preferences and expectations in the workplace.

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Business Meetings in the Canadian Workplace

Become more familiar with Canadian workplace culture by exploring the language strategies typically used in business meetings.

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Workshop Material

Achieving Success

The training curriculum is intended to help immigrant professionals who have recently joined a Canadian company and are in their early probationary period. The purpose of this material is to provide information and insight into Canadian workplace culture and expectations that guide success in the Canadian workplace.

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